Otoya’s face and christmas sweater is giving me too many feels right now


tried to draw some kenhinas and I’m not that proud of it but I don’t hate it so whatever. have some hinata putting a flower in kenma’s hair.

for plaguedbyinsanity for listening to me ramble on about them

AHHHH sweet precious baaaaabs ;u;


Cruel Angel’s Thesis
Megumi Ogata (Shinji Ikari)


Here’s the remaining for Penguin Parade’s design Diabolik Lovers Chibi! Enjoy everyone! >u<

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diabolik lovers is disgusting. jump off a cliff.


Y’know, I would, but a sad, lonely person hiding behind the anon option seems to have spoiled my need to do so. Thanks for being a coward, okay?

Also, let’s think of a different scenario. Let’s swap the vampire brothers for vampire sisters and our sweet, darling heroine, Yui, for an equally as sweet and darling hero who is a man. Who the fuck is complaining now?

No one in this fandom EXCUSES any of the Sakamaki or Mukami brothers from doing the cruel things they do to her. None of us do. Do we love these brothers? You’re goddamn right we love them, but our love doesn’t get in the way of the fact that they’re monsters.

Shu loves Yui’s blood when she’s scared because it apparently tastes better. Reiji whips Yui when she’s done something that seems wrong to him. Raito is a pervert and refers to women as “bitchy-chan” and helped kill Cordelia. Kanato is a batshit crazy, temper tantrum-throwing shota who helped in the killing of Cordelia. Ayato is a possessive freak who started the killing of Cordelia. Subaru is a lonely boy who will hurt anyone who gets close to him because he hates himself.

Ruki is a lonely boy who had to deal with his mom leaving and dad being killed and being branded like a livestock and refers to girls as such. Kou is a boy who doesn’t understand what love is supposed to mean and is a total asshole in general. Yuma is a huge scary boy who loves intimidating others. Azusa likes to get hurt because it makes him feel “alive” and he always asks Yui if he can do it to her, too.

We are overprotective of them because we love them, but we also understand that they’re terrible creatures. THESE VAMPIRES ARE NOT YOUR PRECIOUS FUCKING CULLENS OR DENALIS FROM THE TWILIGHT SAGA. These are blood-sucking, sadistic vampires - the way that they were supposed to be. Why? Because they’re MONSTERS.


If it’s triggering for you, don’t look at it. If you think it’s rape-y, don’t look at it. If you think it isn’t a good franchise *grabs your head* don’

Give me a fucking break and get off your high horse and go do something productive like educate yourself on this franchise and this fandom, because we don’t put up with this kind of bullshit. If you want to complain and call a fandom disgusting, go check out the My Little Pony fandom. Get the hell away from my blog and please let the door hit your ass on the way out.


"Oi sow feed me!!!"

-Please enjoy a chibi Yuuma demanding for your blood..