Excerpt from Love Addiction || だむ


Happy Birthday to Ruki~ Wallpapers available for download from the staff blog.

Guys i feel fucking awesome for being able to survive both Laito and Ayato in my ears and those last few minutes of feels ;-; anyhow here are the translations have fun~

s-ugawara said: AW NO, BABY! I LOVE YOU DON’T DIE!

ITS OKAAAAY!!! it doesnt actually hurt a lot yet

my mouth is still all numb. but i gots pain medicine so i’ll be okaay ;u;

Levi Vol 13 Alternative cover scan - 1024x1527

F.U.Y.U.K.A.I D.E.S.U !

Kuroko Tetsuya (黒子 テツヤ)
Happy Birthday with kurokocchi Renacchi (*´▽`)/